Best Charlotte Neighborhoods to Invest in Rental Property

Investing in a rental property has proven to be a very smart decision. This kind of passive income attracts many people looking for a way to spend money wisely. Charlotte, NC, has been very popular among new residents and is a great place to buy a rental property. The region is home to many companies’ headquarters, which is why more and more people are looking to rent a home here. But, what are the best locations in the city to look for a place to buy? Continue reading to find out what are the best Charlotte neighborhoods to invest in rental property.

Reasons to invest in a rental property in Charlotte

As this will not be a cheap purchase, you need to think carefully about investing in a rental property. To help you out, we’ve gathered a list of reasons why investing here is a great idea.

  • Charlotte is a fast-growing city, which means you won’t have trouble renting out the home or office space.
  • Passive income – rental investment is a great long-term financial solution for those looking for a way to earn passive income, especially once they reach retirement age.
  • Tax deduction – once you own a rental property, you become eligible for various tax deductions.
  • High ROI - the rent money you earn can go toward various expenses but also on your mortgage loan, which makes this a wise investment with a high return in the long run.
  • Sell and earn more – if you decide to sell the property after a while, you can get a better price for it and make this a highly profitable investment.

Where to invest - best Charlotte neighborhoods to invest in a rental property

New people come to Charlotte each day, which means that requirements for rentals are constantly growing. The exact ideal place to buy a rental property actually doesn’t exist - instead, we have several locations in the city that will attract different kinds of renters. Take a look and pick your favorite so you can start browsing your options.


Let’s begin the list with one of the most popular locations in the city. Its easy-going atmosphere and historical looks make this neighborhood a great place to live, especially with people moving with family. It’s a relatively peaceful neighborhood that offers a dense suburban feel, excellent schools, and both older and new-age homes to browse from.

South Park

This part of Charlotte is excellent for those moving to the area for work. It’s home to many companies and a huge shopping mall. That’s why investing in this neighborhood is a great idea; workers from all over the state are coming to this neighborhood looking for a job or moving their business here.


A place with a unique, suburban charm, quite popular for renting a home. Greenery, restaurants, cafes, and great schools attract many new families to the area. For that reason, Foxcroft made its way on our list of the best Charlotte neighborhoods to invest in rental property. However, investors should expect higher prices here, as this is a more upper-scale location compared to the other parts of the city.


Another great neighborhood to check out in Charlotte, Elizabeth is a residential area with a rather peaceful atmosphere. Many restaurants, bakeries, and ice-cream shops make this a perfect place for food lovers. Also, increased safety levels are what make people move here, so if you’re thinking about investing, Elizabeth might be the right place to go. However, be sure to hire local moving experts from your neighborhood to help you relocate items into your rental property and make it ready for the new residents.

How to find the best rental property?

Well, there are a couple of factors to consider before purchasing a property to rent. Depending on your preferences, you can choose between residential and commercial properties. Both will give you the income in the same way, yet the management strategies differ. Make sure you do some research on both of these before you make the final decision. 

Next, consider all the costs you’ll have after you buy a rental property. Taxes, insurance, bills, maintenance, and other fees will come your way as soon as you become the owner. That’s why to be sure to prepare financially for this step. 

Finally, work with professionals when buying the rental property. Firstly, consult an experienced real estate agent. They come in handy in situations like this, especially if you hire someone who knows the Charlotte area very well. Real estate agents can help you get a better deal, give advice on buying a property, show you the properties you like, etc. They simply guide buyers through the process and make it faster and easier. 

The same goes with hiring movers. In case you have furniture to relocate to the new place, suggests you hire an experienced local team. When the people you work with know the neighborhood you picked for your rental property, you can be sure it will be a faster and more secure move.

Don’t rush

Buying a rental property can pay off significantly, but don’t rush making a big decision. This list of the best Charlotte neighborhoods to invest in rental property is just the beginning of your search. Explore these areas, compare the properties on sale, and narrow your options to the best possible choice. Take your time with browsing properties, but if a great one comes your way, don’t wait for too long before making an offer. Charlotte, NC, is a busy real estate market, and the property you like might be sold sooner than you think.

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